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Somebody behind you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.”

- Ernest Hemingway

Welcome to Ouchlesslures.com, a site dedicated to the sport of sustainable fishing. The idea for selling barbless lures was cooked up while visiting Yellowstone Park in 2008. We flew into Jackson Hole and drove past the magnificent Grand Tetons on the way to our first stop – Yellowstone Lake. I had my fishing rod and a tackle box full of my favorite lures.

We arrived at the lodge around 5:00 pm, I bought my fishing license, and quickly made my way to the General Store to find out what lure to use on the native cutthroat trout in Yellowstone Lake. The nice gentleman pointed to several pricey barbed lures (similar to my Snooper Dooper and Spotted Cutty in my “Yellowstone Specific” section) and pliers to crush the barbs. You see, the regulations for fishing Yellowstone and most other national parks calls for barbless hooks. No one sells them but you have to use them....

I caught the most beautiful cutthroat, lake and rainbow trout during that vacation. When I returned home I did some research on this “barbless” lure approach. I was surprised at how much was written to support the usage but there was little to no supply. In 2010 I created Ouchless Lures to serve this very under served market. 

This is what I have learned over the last 7 years:
• The ability to release fish quickly and easily without harming them
• The ability to release myself quickly and easily after a careless or unlucky move puts a hook deep in my thumb
• More hook-ups, I suspect, since when using light lines it is initially easier to drive a narrow, barbless point into a jaw than a thicker barbed point.

Anything the industry can do to help conserve and promote our sustainable fisheries it must do. In addition, this is a great opportunity for individuals to take a leadership role in conservation. Ouchless Lures is committed to providing hand crafted professional grade lures and hooks at a fair price to support this effort. In doing so we will keep all of the elements of recreational fishing healthier: the industry, anglers and, of course, the fish on whose availability we all rely.

Good luck and good fishing!!

- LVI, Owner, Ouchless Lures


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